12 Wood Floor Colors to Try at Home

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12 Wood Floor Colors to Try at Home

Updated on 04/12/20


Gray-toned flooring

Artjafara / Getty Images

Humans have been laying wood flooring for centuries, and this time-tested building feature continues to be a popular choice—a sure way to add perceived value to a home and classic style to a room. Whether solid, engineered, or laminate, today’s wood floor options include a range of wood types and finishes as well as color variations that make a bold statement and can help transform your decor more than almost any other single room feature. Check out some of our favorite current wood floor color options for inspiration.


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Painted White

Eat-in kitchen
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In this charming eat-in kitchen, painted white floorboards lend a Scandi feel to a simple kitchen. Painting floorboards that have seen better days is a cost-effective way to renovate a space. White-washed or pickled flooring is a more nuanced alternative that attains a similar look but with more variation as wood tones are able to shine through. Here, the simple white floorboards add texture but blend seamlessly with white ceilings, walls, and cabinetry. And they make a great blank canvas that allows mismatched dark wood mid-century chairs and a round kitchen table with sixties legs in medium-toned wood to stand out. A yellow pendant light over the dining area adds a sunny note.

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Honey Blonde Oak

Medium-tone oak flooring
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This wide-plank oak flooring has a medium golden-tone blonde finish that adds warmth to a contemporary room with a luxe minimalist feel. The honey blonde tones allow visible wood grain to shine, adding texture and character to the room with its concrete effect tile feature wall, light gray sofa, and accessories, such as the oversized industrial-style floor lamp and modern pendant light. The matte finish on the European oak flooring keeps it feeling modern and on-trend, unlike the high-gloss wood flooring of past decades.

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Gray-toned flooring
 Artjafara / Getty Images

The clean lines and all-white palette on the walls, ceilings, furnishings, fireplace wall, pendant lighting, and even art of this contemporary living room gets a touch of relief from modern gray-toned flooring. Pale gray sofa cushions and a soft throw echo the flooring color to make it look integrated into the overall design. The floor color adds subtle variation and a grounded feel in an otherwise ethereal space, and a roaring fire in the floor-to-ceiling fireplace finishes the job.

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Natural and Unfinished

Natural wood floors
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The natural unfinished look of oak or pine flooring with a clear matte coat to protect it from wear and tear creates a simple, calming feel that makes a great stage for Scandi styling in neutral tones of white, black, brown, and gray. Wide planks feel modern but create a timeless, crowd-pleasing look that will outlast trends.


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Black Satin

Black wood floors
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In this ultra-contemporary dining room, chic black wood flooring adds a grounding element. A satin finish allows light from the large windows and glass door to bounce around the small space. A contemporary table with a heavy black base melts into the flooring; white chairs, walls, and a simple globe pendant light add a balancing dose of lightness.

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Bleached White

White oak flooring
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The bleached appearance of white European oak floors in this contemporary space in New York demonstrates that white oak flooring is more versatile than being a go-to choice for Scandi-style interiors. Here it’s used to lighten up dramatic black walls in faux crocodile wallpaper, black furnishings, and a cherry wood-tone grand piano, but it could work just as well in an ultra-contemporary minimalist space.

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Chocolate Brown

Brown wood floor
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Light-colored wood floors might be on trend, but there are always going to be people who like nothing more than a classic brown finish. These chocolate brown floors add warmth to an all-white dining room lined with giant windows. An old-school shiny finish on the otherwise rustic flooring allows light to bounce around. Simple industrial-style pendant lights, French vintage-style industrial metal chairs, and a modern gray industrial dining table add contrast to the warm wood and complete the effortless, comfortable room decor.

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Soft Beige

Beige hardwood floors
Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

Soft polished sandy beige tinted hardwood floors are a perfect choice for this modernist remodel of a Victorian-style home in London. Complementary storage built out in a similar wood tone and light maple upper cabinetry blends with white walls and black mid-century furniture classics like the black 1960s Panton chairs around the round dining table.

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Pale Walnut

Pale walnut wood floors
in4mal / Getty Images

Pale walnut-colored wood flooring in a wide plank gives a modern feel to a room while adding a touch more warmth than lighter wood finishes. Here, a woven rattan pendant light from IKEA adds a second note of warmth to a simple palette of whites, grays, and black for a room that’s fresh and easy to live with. But the medium-toned color could also serve as a foil for deeper tones of green, blue, or mustard yellow.

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Weathered Gray

Reclaimed wood floors
Cavan Images / Getty Images

The weathered gray reclaimed floor boards in this industrial conversion in Birmingham, Alabama have a rustic appearance thanks to years of exposure to the elements. The perfectly imperfect flooring is a perfect fit for the raw, unfinished look of the space with its exposed steel ceiling beams, brick walls, and black-framed wall of windows. But you can also use eco-friendly reclaimed wood in modern rooms as well in the form of a feature wall or built-in shelving to add warmth and a sense of history to a more contemporary space.

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Two-Tone Wood Flooring

Two-tone wood floors
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And when one wood floor color won’t do? There is always the option of a two-tone wood color scheme like this earthy mushroom grayish-brown flooring. Laid in a wide-scale contemporary interpretation on a herringbone pattern, the inconsistent tones of the flooring add texture and character to the room and complement the white painted ceiling beams. A mustard yellow sectional with mid-century lines lifts the mood.

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Warsaw living room
Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

The ashy blonde floors in this restored 19th-century Warsaw living room are the color of wheat, a subtle, livable wood tone that can work well with other light woods and makes the period space feel both rooted in the past and at home in the present. Mid-century modern furniture like a classic Arco floor lamp and an Eero Aarnio hanging bubble chair create a timeless layered look.

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